You Got This!

Andy Li is a Boston based artist who focuses on the power of now. His work is a reflection of the day to day mundane and the moments of greatness that we perceive in an instant. He is a Mass. Art graduate with a BFA in Media and Performance Art with a focus in Film/Video and 3D Sculpture with a focus in Fibers and Soft Sculpture. These two mediums have provided him with an understanding for the value of time and patience. Some days you will see him hunched over a single thread for hours on end, and other days you will see him running back and forth with three different cameras trying to find the best light. A believer in the suggestive nature of positivity, more often you will see him encouraging those around him to keep failing in order to keep getting better. Always trying to adapt and evolve, his work and his personal attitude is the visual exploration to the saying, "You can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs."